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As the best and most complete Office Coffee Service company in the nation, Parks Coffee offers "white glove service" to over 20,000 businesses since 1986.

Take a look at our company history and you'll see, Parks Coffee has years of experience in serving top quality coffees, snacks, professional ice and water equipment, breakroom and janitorial supplies, and vending solutions to the office dwelling masses.

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We Invest in Our Customers

At Parks Coffee, our number one job is to make your job easier. We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service, utilizing your account history. Our main goal in providing great customer service is to constantly strive for our customers’ affection. We cultivate relationships, building trust and loyalty along the way. Know that when you need us, we will be there.

Specialized Equipment

Our award-winning Office Coffee Service includes top of the line commercial-grade coffee, water, and ice equipment, professionally installed in your break room. Whether you are looking for a standard drip coffee brewer for the break-room, or a high-end espresso for executive offices, we have the equipment and products to please even the pickiest of pallettes. We are trusted distributors for manufacturers like Newco®, BUNN®, Wilbur Curtis®, Keurig®, TotalOne®, Nespresso®, MARS Drinks®, Douwe Egberts®, Hoshizaki®, Oasis®, Follett® and many more. If there is a specialty machine or product you have your eye on, chances are we can get it for you.

Catering to Your Needs

Brewing coffee is often the first morning task encountered when entering the office, easing you into the work day, and should never be frustrating. Parks Coffee® offers customers aid with brewer operation, by providing “How to Brew” cards and stands at every new installation. These “How to Brew” cards are simple to follow, with a small footprint and clean design. Other marketing materials, including wall signs, displays, and product merchandizers, are readily available.

Clean, Organize, Merchandize, Inventory

Your friendly, uniformed Parks Coffee® routeman will visit your account on a regular basis to Clean, Organize, Merchandize and Inventory (COMI) your break room needs. Once your account is set-up, we work with you to create a listing of standard for items and set par levels. With this system in place, your routeman can assess and even foresee needs to keep your break room running smoothly.

In the event that you are hosting a training seminar, large meeting or company party, we are happy to assist in temporarily stocking over your usual par, or providing specialty items, and will even deliver to a different location if necessary.

Fresh Pot Program (FPP)

Most Office Coffee Service companies wash your coffee pots on site, creating noise, splashing water and perhaps breaking a pot in the process. This practice can be messy and distracting to your employees, and the pots typically still have specs of burned coffee or soap residue remaining, which can alter the taste of subsequent pots of coffee.

Parks Coffee® is the first and only Office Coffee Service company in the industry to develop and institute a program to provide customers with sanitized and sealed coffee pots, each time the routeman visits. This unique method, the Fresh Pot Program (FPP), calls for routemen to return each air-pot and glasspot or carafe to the Parks Coffee® headquarters, to be washed in a three-part, restaurant-style clean area, sanitized, air-dried, and hermetically-sealed using a heated oven to protect against dust and germs. We offer this service to all Parks Coffee® customers at no charge.

“We’re consumed with what happens when our people show up at your place, and create the ‘WOW’ effect,” says Randy Parks. “We’ve been obsessed with customer service since we’ve started... It’s a continual journey, as we get better and better with our customer service.”

Fresh Pot Program

We Invest in Our People

At Parks Coffee®, we pride ourselves on exceptional service and industry knowledge. Our employees are background screened before hire, and attend regular training classes, covering new products and equipment, customer service, and the intricate history and art of tasting and enjoying coffee.

Coffee & Customer Service Training

Our week-long training course, lovingly called “Coffee U”, is crafted to train new employees, and to revisit our best practices every six months for experienced employees, with regard to workplace and warehouse safety, driving regulations, lifting/back safety, product rotation and inventory, professional mannerisms and verbiage, and customer service expectations.

During the first three days, employees must demonstrate understanding through verbal testing and group discussion, as well as an on-site driving test. At the end of the week, each driver is sent into the field with our Corporate Trainer for a ride-along Training Review.

Additionally, each month Parks Coffee Routemen are shadowed by their Supervisor to ensure our customers consistently receive our best.

See What We’re Made Of

Across our company, each Parks Coffee® field employee is fitted with a uniform emblazoned with the Parks Coffee® logo. From our New Account Sales team, to our Route Sales and Supervisors, to our Service Technicians, our brand is visible, wherever we go. We wear our uniform as a badge of pride, as it gives us a united identity toward our common goal of providing excellent customer service. Beneath this badge, we are all a part of the Parks Coffee® family.

The most common associate from our company to interact in your building will be your dedicated Route Salesman, who visits regularly to clean, organize and inventory your break room. Parks Coffee® field employees are wellgroomed and uniformed, for a consistent and easily identifiable presence within your building.

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We Believe in Accountability

Since 2013, we have added close to 30 new routes and routemen to our personnel roster, and still keep our routeman to supervisor ratio at 3:1 for clear oversight. We always promote from within, so that our Route Supervisors have “grown up” with the company and have lived within the day-to-day route world. This allows them to have a better perspective of the best way to address any stresses and situations that may arise with our fleet or customer experiences.

Routes are Regularly Reviewed

Our corporate Dashboard Analyst reviews the progress and stability of each route salesman, regularly scoring them on eight aspects such as Truck Inventory and Organization, monthly contests, number of FPP pots delivered, as well as their Fleetmatics score. Each company vehicle is equipped with Fleetmatics GPS to monitor vehicle speed and location. It also monitors hard driving, turning and handling to maximize safety and fuel efficiency. We have high standards for our employees, and hold them accountable to our expectations.

Family owned and operated since 1986, Parks Coffee is committed to excellence on every level. In fact, we like to say, “we put our family seal on everything we do!” Add this dedication to the fact that we hand-roast our own premium coffee — along with offering an incredible variety of office coffee supplies, single serve cups, and name-brand coffee — and it's easy to see why so many businesses choose us.

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Currently we service 12,000 corporate accounts in the DFW Metroplex, Houston, San Antonio, Waco, Austin, Midland, Odessa, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Phoenix, Tucson, Los Angeles, and Shreveport. Our client's count on our more than 200 friendly uniformed professionals to expertly fill their orders on a weekly basis. And, of course, our GPS-monitored delivery vehicles provide the transportation for all the products and services required to give a first rate experience.


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